Showcasing Student Work

Apologies for a bit of a boring post here. But I have a hard drive full of superb student work that I would like to showcase and explain as success stories of biomimicry and design process. Does anyone know the legal protocol for getting permission to post this kind of work? I’ve drafted up a release form, but not sure if it is right, or appropriate.

If anyone has any publishing experience and is able to give me some suggestions of where to look for specific release forms, that would be superb!

Call for Contributions

If you have any work, biomimicry or design, that you would like to weave into the broader conversations bouncing around in this blog, I’d love to “open the lines” to anyone curious to send something my way.

I’ll be happy to post the work up on the blog, and have add any further dialogue around the context of the project. And of course, will be likely to add my own two cents to the process.

Keep the comments flowing below and we’ll see if we can start this process.