Bio-Fanaticism vs. Evolution of Biomimicry

It's hard not to be inspired to think bigger when exposed to experiences like this. Photo from 2005 my life changing course in Costa Rica.

Sometimes biomimicry feels a bit cultish.

This may offend some, sound funny to others, or be the reason why certain people may not be interested in this conversation at all.

Anyone who has had their eyes opened to the natural world, especially those who are firmly stuck in the industrial world, is likely to have an extremely inspirational moment. These experiences can be transformational. At biomimicry workshops people find opportunities to connect with one another, becoming honest in ways they had never been before. I have never been at a workshop where I haven’t had an extraordinary, mind bending discussion with someone incredibly inspirational.

And if you are fortunate to have a sit down with Janine Benyus, you will never forget it. It is always an amazing experience.

But I am concerned by the cult effect.

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