Who is Hiring Biomimicry Designers?

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I had a great question from an enthusiastic industrial designer from Carlton University in Ottawa (thanks Corey) about whether there were any design firms out there looking for “biomimicry designers”. Here is my Dr. Design response…

It’s a great question, particularly from students coming out of university worried about having the “right” skills to find the “right” jobs. I’ve had a few debates recently with graduates who have moaned about their inability to apply for jobs because of a lack of particular computer skills or the perfect hand rendering skills.

While this is a reality of the scenario, and I admit I speak from a very fortunate position of having been successfully employed as a designer, I think it misses the point. Checking the boxes with the appropriate skills opens the door to a possible job, but it doesn’t start a career. At OCAD University there is a lot of discussion around career rather than job. This puts an emphasis on the broader set of skills and a wider vision around where opportunity may exist.

The reality is there are not as many “industrial design” jobs as there are students who graduate each year, and as a consequence those incredible young designers are forging their own positions in companies and situations that would not have traditionally been home to a designer.

So… if there are almost zero job positions asking for “biomimicry” what is a poor student to do?

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