Communicating Complex Concepts

I’m picking my jaw off the floor after watching some of the most compelling animated essays to explain incredibly complex concepts.

The animation below, from RSA (not sure I understand who they are, yet), discusses the anxiety created by excess choice, a byproduct of a capitalist consumer culture that reinforces a feedback loop. The content is pretty heavy stuff, and you may or may not be interested in the message. But the medium is incredible! This is an incredible example of using design – in this case illustration and visualization – to disseminate information.

My brain is beginning to fry with ideas for transforming complex essays into interactive essays that people can digest in different ways.

Enjoy the movie below on choice and cultural change.

Or if you prefer… here is one on changing education paradigms.

For more, explore here.

I want to start a project communicating scenarios of sustainability using this medium of essay/illustration. Absolutely amazing.