Diversity of Design Process

Click the image above to download an overwhelmingly superb attempt at gathering every design process, ever. Enjoy!

It is not an exaggeration to say that there is an enormous array of different design methodologies, processes and tools. On this blog I have diagrammed and experimented with a bunch of ideas, and may have mentioned that I have a library full of resources on the subject. What I discovered last night has quite literally blown me away. Hugh Dobberly, a new discovery and possible a new passion of mine, has assembled a remarkable PDF of over 100 pages of design methodologies. It is nothing less than superb.

Click here to download and absorb the wild diversity, that is the never ending obsession of understanding how creative people work…

For more writing by Hugh Dobberly, his website is an incredible resource, which I have just begun to explore:

Click here to visit his articles, or click here to view the concept maps (which are sublime).