Who is out there?


Who are you magical people that read my rambling blog? Where do you come from and what leads you here?

I recently passed 100 posts, which feels like a lot, and I wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has ever visited. Knowing there is an audience out there for my thoughts is humbling and inspiring. More recently I’ve begun to take my writing a little more seriously and am workshopping a few different ideas. So I’d love to know more about who you are, and begin to understand what is emerging on Bouncing Ideas.

Please comment me below, or if you’d prefer to send a private email: bouncingideascarl[at]gmail.com.

I’m really curious:

  • Where are you in the world?
    • Just last week there was a boost in people from Egypt and Sri Lanka – who are you?
  • What is your background?
    • Design? Biology? Business? Professional Juggler?
  • What are you looking for when you come here?
    • Biomimicry? Design Thinking? Technology? Sustainability?
  • Is there anything missing that you wished I would explore?
    • Even better – is there anything you wish to contribute?

Many, many thanks again!