Biomimicry Film Screening

On the 15th of October, I’ll be on a panel discussing a couple of movies around sustainability, one of which is the Second Nature film featuring the wonderful Janine Benyus. For more information check out the link here.

The Film Festival has a bunch of great stuff on, hopefully it’ll be a chance to see some familiar faces at the screening?



Bio Beers – Second Sip

We’re doing the second round of bio-beers next week as part of the Biomimicry Ontario Network. Huge thanks to those who came out last month. We’re looking to dive into a conversation next week around tangible starting points and personal goals for anyone interested in playing with biomimicry.

Look forward to seeing you – please bring friends, or anyone curious to biomimicry and creative sustainability.




Bio – Beers! Networking Event

This summer a group of us have begun to establish Biomimicry Ontario, a regional network for people engaged in, or interested by sustainable, critical action inspired by nature. It is part of the broader network linked to the Biomimicry Group, and has grand dreams of organizing workshops, research projects and networking events in Toronto and Guelph.

Our first event, a fun informal catch up over a beer, will be the Tuesday 21st of June, and will give us a chance to introduce the idea of the network, start some conversations and begin brewing ideas.

I don’t know how many people reading this blog are in the local area, it would be great to meet some of you, and there will be possibilities for more in the future!

For more info visit: