Science Design Dialogue – Structural Colour

Structural colour is a new obsession of mine - the variety, complexity and simplicity of the mechanisms to create an incredible array of visual effects is astounding.

Looks like while I was away napping, Alena, Peter and Tim have gone ahead and started the first “Science Design Dialogue” around the topic of Structural Colour. There has been a lot of interest around this project, so I am looking forward to finding a way to weave all the different ideas together.

Starting with Structural Colour…

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Bridging Science and Design

A personal sketch bridging science research to design applications.

How can we make play spaces for scientists and “designers”?

Thanks to everyone who has been posting comments, the feedback and dialogue is incredibly rewarding, and gets the ideas bouncing back in different ways, which is fantastic.

Peter Neiwiarowski, friend and Director of the Integrated Bioscience program at University of Akron, has been posting some particularly good feedback that has me thinking. In a recent comment he said:

I like to imagine that maybe the next great biological insight in some system will come from a designer doing biomimicry, or maybe a great design insight will come from a biologist doing biomimicry.

I love this goal, how might we make this happen?

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