Materials Inspiration Resource

Image from Ingredients No. 5: BREAD (The Bureau of Research Engineering Art & Design) are developing hybrid, variable materials... just a little snippet you'll find in the Ingredients Magazine available on line.

Chris Lefteri has written an excellent array of books for designers around materials. They started off as a series on the latest and greatest technologies in specific materials such as wood, ceramics, glass, etc… Over the last few years he has positioned himself as a unique materials consultant for designers.

Apparently Chris is also very generous as he is constantly releasing free resources through a range of side projects. A favourite of mine, and my students, shout out to Rudy for reminding me about this, is a little web zine called “Ingredients”. It’s a playful magazine with a range of provocative essays, stunning photography and general materials news. Jump to the link available here and click around to download the latest issue, I think there are five in total, and I really encourage diving in and snooping around (you have to “sign up” but I have never been spammed by them, so all should be good).

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