Project: Science and Design Dialogues

Ok… Who’s in?

I’ve started putting together the structure for this new dialogue. I’m not happy with the design/layout yet, but those I’ve spoken to recommend just getting started and see how/if it takes off.

For anyone new to the idea, the project is:

To fuel deep dialogue about research, that includes a diverse array of voices, that opens science to a broader audience.

Visit this post for all the details.

Tim also made a note of it in his discussion here:

So far, one of the most exciting concepts to emerge out of Bouncing Ideas is the Science Design Dialogue. I’m excited about the idea for several reasons, one is that at the end of so many scientific papers (or even scientific news coverage) there is a two sentence rationale that points to possible directions for application or further research.

Now I need the designers!

I’ve had some great feedback from scientists, namely Peter and Tim, who are enthusiastic about getting involved. Now I need the design audiences who are curious to contribute and get this thing fired up. I’m looking for motivated people to sketch, write, postulate and debate the possibilities that could be opened up by the research in the various science papers.

Peter has offered an array of example papers that could be used, which I’ve reposted below, but I am especially curious to know what the design community would like to explore. This is a unique scenario where we have the scientists to help communicate and clarify the information, while the designers can help fuel a conversation around the implications of that research.

Please leave a comment below if you’re interested and I’ll work out a way to invite you to the new “blog” – and we’ll find a way to get it started.

Looking forward to exploring the possibilities together.

8 Comments on “Project: Science and Design Dialogues”

  1. Jamie says:

    I’m interested

  2. Phytosleuth says:

    What?! You cunning devil you! Leaving me choice pdfs to download? Mwahahahahaha….

  3. melanie says:

    i’d be interested in providing information graphics/graphic design/simple illustrations. did my thesis on the topic and am involved with the bay area biomimicry community.

  4. Count me in …i am a painter not a designer but i think i can offer dialogue

  5. scelop says:

    hey….where did everybody go?……….

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