What Should we Learn from Nature?

This is going to be a quick post, because I have no idea how to answer the question, but found it intriguing that this question is not really being asked.

Cradle to Cradle is such a simple concept. It focuses on chemicals, has a narrow bandwidth of what is and isn’t acceptable, and through thorough analysis and investigation, that you would assume (incorrectly) was happening in the first place, leads to the approval of a small number of chemicals to be used in a final application. The redesign of the product using this refined palette to work from, leads to a chain of innovations from production to post consumption.

Biomimicry is not a simple concept. Cradle to Cradle can be argued broadly to be an element of biomimicry, along with a huge range of other creative and sustainability concepts. I’m not always sure this is a good thing.

As part of the scenario of sustainability around biomimicry, what do we actually need to learn from nature?

I’m going to treat this as an iterative discussion and return to it later once I have a little chance to process. I’m curious about how we should strategically approach this discussion.

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