Scenarios of Sustainability: Project

Photographs of Icelandic volcanoes by Marcel Musil

There is no real vision for a sustainable future. Hopeful utopias are liable to be destroyed by the very people that wish them to be real. Jaded theorists and frustrated activists struggling against the “man”. But without a vision, what are we working towards?

I’m going to begin to collect different scenarios of sustainability and openly explore them. This is likely to be messy and unresolved, but perhaps that is the best form of dialogue.

Current scenarios up for contemplation include:

  • Infinitely Disposable – The Organic Solution
  • Endless Upgrades – The Permanent Solution
  • Mass Customization – Unique Solutions
  • The Grown – A Biomimicry World
  • Heirloom Design – A Permanent Solution

I would love to know if there are any other ideas floating out there that I should explore, please leave them in the comments. This could become a very playful discussion. Perhaps even a project or two?

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